Akcess BioMetrics


The TactileSense™ touch surface is a low cost electro luminescent polymer that generates a "perfect" image. The TactileSense™ consists of several layers. The first layer protects from moisture, dirt and electrostatic discharge.  The inner layers consist of "Black-Coat" layers that protect the sensor from sunlight, therefore can be used in outdoor applications.

The entire sensor is composed of the TactileSense™ polymer, an amorphous silicon glass camera and an ASIC communicating with the host processor.

Here's How It Works:

•The finger contacts the thin light emitting TactileSense™ polymer. The TactileSense™ then creates an illuminated fingerprint image.

•The photodiode array in the glass detects the illumination.

•The image is translated into digital format by the electronics embedded in the ASIC.

•Image data is transferred to the device hosting the fingerprint security application for enrollment or verification.