Akcess BioMetrics

Optical Sensors

Application Creation With Optical Technology

Akcess BioMetrics uses optical technology in most application deployments because of the virtually indestructable prism. 

The optical sensors were tested under extreme conditions, simulating the possible environments in which your applications may operate. These sensors have been proven to perform in high-traffic and outdoor conditions and resist exposure to:

•Subfreezing temperatures, arid and tropical climates
•Electrostatic discharge (shock)
•Impact, vibration, shock and scratches to prism surface
•Various contaminants and corrosives such as sweat, dirt, oil and cleaning agents

Product Specifications
Surface Hardened Glass 
Size  63mm x 21mm x 32mm
Active Image Area 13mm x 15mm
Resolution 505dpi +/- 2%
Weight 1.2 oz
Operating Temperature 0C to 65C
Storage Temperature -40C to 85C
Operating Humidity <90%RH, non condensing
Random Vibration RMS 3.2 G Level (10 - 2000Hz) 2 hrs.
Image Size 260 x 300 [pixels]
Image Gray Scale 256 shades (8 bit gray level)
Distortion <3% nonlinear
Prism Hardness 6.8 Mohs
Light Source Red
Lifetime >40,000 hrs
Ambient Light Condition >5,000 Lux
Operating Voltage 4.75 -5.25 [volts]
Power Consumption 400mW
Current Consumption (Standby) 30mA
Current Consumption (Operating) 80mA
ESD Tollerance >15kV